Senin, 04 Maret 2013

Tips To Develop Your Self

Many people who want to grow, but many of them are confused you know how or where to start. Here are 16 practical ways to help you develop the skills themselves.

1. Read a book every day

There is no easier way to add knowledge to develop themselves but read the book. Read a book every day will bring more information and knowledge about self-development sciences that are the current trend.

2. Learn a new language

How many languages ​​do you master now? three? four? or five languages? The more languages ​​you master, then the higher the value of your sales, and of course, your brain will be more bermafaat.

3. Find a new hobby

Never underestimate a hobby, if you feel the hobby is an activity a waste of time, then you should think again. In addition to relaxing the eventual impact on the 'freshness' minds, hobby can generate profits, whether material or not.

Look for a new hobby, if you love sports and futsal enthusiasts, the study also other sports like swimming for example.

4. Take a course

Following the course is another way to develop your skills.

5. Cipatakan room 'creative'

Room that will stimulate creative brains to create something creative too. Make your workspace 'different', not just a room box that seems drab evict you to go home.

6. Improve your skills

The extent of your public speaking skills? or how many interviews you master the technique? Improve the skills you have until you feel proficient in those skills. Never stop to continue to develop your skills.

7. Waking up early

If you wake up in the morning it means time to do productive things come to grow.

8. Have a regular olaharaga

Ability as well as any will not be maximum if the condition your body is not healthy. Make time to exercise regularly, do not let your skills covered illness often approached your body.

9. Write

Writing is one activity that can sharpen your brain skills fully. The journal, a book or a blog can be an alternative to start your first post.

10. Out of routine

One of the things that make creativity jams are routine. Get out of your routine. A simple example, you try to go to the office by a different route than usual.

11. Ask for feedback

Feedback or feedback is important to measure the extent to which results you can. Ask for feedback from colleagues or family and use it as a reference to develop the skills yourself.

12. Learning from others

"Even a fool can-right", so roughly the right term to describe this point. Every person is unique and each person is a teacher for us. Do not feel that you are smarter in every way, stay humble and willing to open up to others.

13. Out of bad habit

Often late for work? or often keep a promise? it's a few examples of bad habits. Immediately leave your bad habits. Bad habits can cause the slightest obstacle in developing your skills.

14. Begin business

Doing business is a very challenging thing. Many experience you'll get from the business. So do not hesitate, though small, learn how to do business.

15. Determine the break

Humans have limits, even machines need a break-even. Set your rest time, and keep it just that.

16. Adhere to commitments

As good as any plans you make, as well as any tools and facilities that you have, without a commitment to the plan and your dreams impossible to materialize. Keep always committed and consistent in your dreams and goals.